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OilConventional & Unconventional (Oil Sands & Oil Shale), CCS & Bio Fuels
R&D, Exploration, Production, Trading, Refining, Transportation, Storage, Marketing
GasConventional & Unconventional (Tight Gas, Shale Gas & Coal Bed Methane) & LNG
R&D, Production, Trading, Processing, Liquefaction, Transportation, Regasification, Storage
Power Generation, Trading, Distribution & Marketing


Corporate Executives and Industry Stars into NOC's, Independents, Mid-Caps & Trading Houses
World Class Mega Project Directors & Premier Scientists & Technologists
Proven Strategy, Portfolio, M&A and Business Development Executives
Traders, Originators and Industry Experts into Investment Banks, Hedge Funds & Trading Houses
Industry Specific Lawyers, CFO's, HSE, Procurement, SD & CSR professionals
Seasoned Non-Executive Directors, Political Advisers & Executive Speech Writers